Team Skills:
                                Team Player Qualities, Teamwork, Leader Qualities, Leadership

Business-Related Skills:              Digital Marketing, Business Process Reengineering and Corporate Finance

Process-Related Skills:               CMMI, PSP, TSP, Unified Process, SCRUM, XP, LSD, ASD, Crystal, FDD and DSDM

Software Engineering Related:   OOPS, OOAD, SOA, Software Architecture, Software Reuse(Software Product Line Engineering), Information Systems and Design Patterns

Proficient Languages and Frameworks:
                                                   C and Win32 API

                                                   VC++ and MFC
                                                   VC#, VB, .Net, Asp.Net, Asp.Net MVC, WPF and Windows Store Apps
                                                   Javascript, AngularJs, BackboneJs, JQuery and JQuery UI
                                                   GTK+, wxWidgets and wxPython
                                                   Java, JavaEE, Spring and Android
                                                   PHP and Symfony
                                                   Python and Django
                                                   Node.js and ExpressJs
CMS, Django CMS and Backdrop CMS
Distributed Computing:          
   COM, DCOM, COM+, ATL, COM Interop, Enterprise Services and .Net Remoting
Service Oriented Computing:
   Service Oriented Architecture Concepts, Spring Web Services(Java), Web Services(C#) and WCF(C#)
Cloud Computing Related:  
     Cloud Computing Concepts, Azure, PythonAnywhere and Heroku
Operating Systems Related:
     Operating System Concepts, Windows 98 / XP / 7 / 8 / 10
Digital Processing Related:
      Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing ( Using MATLAB )
Enterprise Resource Planning and Business Processes:

                                                  SAP ABAP, FICO, HR, MM, SD, SCM, CRM & Basis
Business Processes Reengineering: Business Processes Reengineering
Advanced Software Engineering Disciplines:Software Product Line Engineering & Software Architecture.
Gaming :                               
   DirectX , OpenGL , 3ds Max & Maya